Historical hints and points of interest

Borromean Islands

A paradise between art and culture, the Borromean Islands stand out for their elegance and history, thanks to the Palace and its magnificent Italian baroque garden on Isola Bella. The breathtaking picture is completed by the wonderful English botanical garden of Isola Madre, it is a must see that will not disappoint your expectations.

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Mottarone Cable Car

The Stresa cable car is located in Stresa Lido. Inaugurated on 1st August 1970, it brings you to the summit of Mottarone from which you can enjoy the magnificent view of the 7 lakes, of Lake Maggiore with its three islands, and the neighboring countries. The cable car also offers the possibility of a stop at the Alpino, an intermediate stop, and visit botanical garden.

Villa Pallavicino

Villa Pallavicino was born as a private residence in 1855. The estate, purchased by the Pallavicino family, was enlarged and transformed into a nineteenth-century neoclassical villa. In 1956 the Pallavicino family decided to transform their wonderful garden into a wildlife museum open to the public. Here there are more than 50 species of mammals and birds such as zebras, kangaroos, coatis, the Antigone crane, flamingos. Do not miss the Garden of Flowers, with its multi-colored rose garden and flower beds with ever new blooms during all the summer.

Santa Caterina del Sasso

The Hermitage of Santa Caterina del Sasso, one of the richest religious buildings in history of our territory, without any architectural barrier. Built on a rocky wall overlooking the lake, the Hermitage of Santa Caterina del Sasso is undoubtedly one of the most evocative scenarios of Lake Maggiore.

San Carlone Colossus

San Carlo Colossus stands on a hill about 310 meters above sea level. With its 35 meters of height you can also see the lake through the centuries-old trees that surround it. The Sancarlo Satue, is a hollow statue supported inside by a stone, brick and iron core, while on the outside it is completely made by copper plates . The blessing arm consists of a complex metal structure, designed to withstand the strong winds of the area.

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